5 Cool Things to Do in New Orleans in 3 days.

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We had the pleasure of traveling to New Orleans, Louisiana for 72 hours. It was an awesome and unique experience.  I’ve been to NOLA before and this time around I was able to venture out to different areas of this richly cultured city.  The weather was unpredictable during this trip, so we had to skip some stops on our itinerary and improvisation became our friend.   There are must-go places that you can squeeze into a 3-day NOLA trip and I am excited to share those with you. 

Café Du Monde 

Many may call Café Du Monde a tourist trap and if that is the case, I loved being trapped in this busy beignet cafe.  Visiting Café Du Monde is a necessary NOLA experience.  Situated outdoors under a large tent, Café Du Monde  is vast with ceiling fans to cool you off in the while enjoying your sweet treat. The long line is intimidating, but I found that it tends to be long because waiting guests do not know they must seat themselves (they overlook the sign in front of them that tells the to do so).  Just grab a seat whether the table has been cleared and the server will come right over.  They only take cash and get it ready because they are fast!

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We returned to Café Du Monde one more time during our trip and once again, we were not disappointed. I enjoyed three warm and delicious beignets and a caffe au last each visit. If you go to NOLA, don't skip this tradition. 

Emeril’s New Orleans

5 Cool Things to Do in New Orleans in 3 days Emeril’s

Located in a renovated pharmacy warehouse in New Orleans’ Warehouse District since 1990, Emeril’s New Orleans is the brainchild of Emeril Lagasse. Lagasse is the celebrity chef restaurateur is known for coining the phrases “Kick it up a notch!” and “Bam!”.  Heralded for its contemporary New Orlean’s cuisine, this famed flagship restaurant serves lunch and dinner and we had the chance to dine there for a late lunch.  

We started our meal with the Barbequed Shrimp, served with a petite rosemary biscuit and fresh chives, the Duck Wings prepared with a sticky glaze and blue cheese vinaigrette, and the Crawfish Stuffed Top Neck Clams with chorizo and caldo verde Butter. For our entree we both chose the Andouille Crusted Gulf Drum served with grilled vegetables, shoestring potatoes, glazed pecans, and creole meunière sauce. We paired our meal with an Albariño wine.  

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5 Cool Things to Do in New Orleans in 3 days Emeril’s

The portions for all courses were generous and so darn good.  We wanted dessert, but we didn’t have any room.  This culinary wonder is a must go restaurant when in NOLA. 

5 Cool Things to Do in New Orleans in 3 days Emeril’s
5 Cool Things to Do in New Orleans in 3 days - Emeril’s

Uptown - Magazine Street

This was my first time visiting Uptown. The plan was to visit many other popular and diverse neighborhoods but the rain was unrelenting. I had time to cruise on the fashion forward Magazine Street located in Uptown known for its art galleries and boutiques.  I stopped into the Ashley Longshore Art Gallery and met the likes of Lil Wayne — well his portrait that is. 

5 Cool Things to Do in New Orleans in 3 days Ashley Longshore Gallery

Longshore is know for big personality and bright bedazzled pop art.  Not only will you get to view portraits of Lil Wayne, but you will also see portraits of Frida Kahlo, George Washington, and Audrey Hepburn. Making Conde Nast’s Traveler’s list of the 20 Best Things to Do in New Orleans, this gallery is a must see!  Trust me, you can’t help but smile the entire time you are there.  

Bourbon Street
Although NOLA is so much more than Bourbon Street, I feel that if you make the trip, it is worth taking a stroll down this infamous street.  No matter the time of day, there is always some rhythm playing on Bourbon.  I happened to witness an impromptu band and dancer on my walk and was able to listen, watch, and capture some of their magic.

We also found a little gem called Pier 424 Seafood Market on Bourbon Street that served scrumptious food. The have great Charbroiled Oysters with butter, Parmesan cheese and herbs served with French bread and Red Beans & Rice with Crispy Chicken tossed in a Tabasco honey glaze and andouille sausage — absolutely delicious. 

Frenchman’s Street

My favorite stop in NOLA was Frenchman’s Street.  The cobblestone sidewalks and lounges belting out live jazz was the JAM.  We lounge hopped between Bamboula’s, There Muses, The Praline Connection, Cafe Negril, Maison and 30/90 NOLA.  The musicians at all of these speak easy were so amazing.  They performed traditional NOLA Jazz tunes and covered contemporary R&B and Pop Songs with their own Jazzy twist.  Touring Frenchman’s Street was the perfect way to end our quick  day stay in New Orleans. 

I hope this post gave you a little inspiration and information on some places to go on your next visit to New Orleans.

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